Young Woman Picking Flowers From A TreeAt Clagett Periodontics, Dr. Clagett has a highly individualized approach to treating gum disease. Bringing years of experience to the care of his Kentucky patients, Dr. Clagett is a board-certified periodontist. He performs gum surgery for patients who are experiencing discomfort, damage, and aesthetic troubles that gum disease can cause. He employs the use of advanced laser technologies and traditional techniques to perform gum surgery. No matter the method, he always follows a conservative line of care to ensure his patients receive the least invasive treatment possible.

If you’ve been dealing with gum disease for years, and haven’t had any relief with non-surgical solutions, call Dr. Clagett to discuss your gum surgery options today.

The Gum Surgery Process

To begin your gum surgery, Dr. Clagett will numb your teeth to desensitize the area needing to be treated and will then clear away the infection. He uses advanced techniques, technology, and skills that make gum surgery a very manageable and comfortable experience.

This surgery is a relatively quick procedure for Kentucky patients, and you will be on your way home within a few hours.

Recovery After Gum Surgery

As we mentioned above, gum surgery is an outpatient procedure. Dr. Clagett will send you home with specific post-operative instructions, which you should follow to a “T” to ensure you have a speedy and healthy recovery.

Be sure not to floss or brush your gum line until Dr. Clagett has cleared you to do so. You will be allowed to rinse your mouth with a special rinse in order to avoid plaque buildup as you heal.

Your gums will be tender for several days following your gum surgery. You should only eat soft, cool foods for one to two weeks after your procedure. If at any time you feel like something isn’t right, or you have questions or concerns following your gum surgery, do not hesitate to call Dr. Clagett’s office to speak with someone.

What You Can Expect Following Your Gum Surgery

Once Dr. Clagett has completed your gum surgery, most patients will feel more confident in the strength of their teeth and bite. You can also expect to be rid of the discomfort and frustrating symptoms you had prior to your treatment. This means that Kentucky patients who have dealt with gum disease for years often experience an amazing sense of relief after their gum surgery.

For many of Dr. Clagett’s patients, the days of hiding their smile is gone! Once he has removed the infection in the gums, men and women often experience renewed self-confidence and can’t wait to laugh and smile without embarrassment. It is amazing how a quick gum procedure can literally change your quality of life!

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