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Patients in Louisville, KY who are missing most or all of their teeth can regain full oral function and improve the aesthetics of their smile with an innovative tooth-replacement option called implant dentures. This minimally invasive system is similar to traditional dental implants. Instead of using one implant for each missing tooth, an entire arch of teeth can be replaced with just four strategically placed implants. Dr. Ryan Clagett helps patients obtain implant dentures at Clagett Periodontics.

Replacing all of your teeth and achieving a beautiful, functional smile can be easier than you think. While dental implants are often used to replace single teeth, they can also be used when replacing an entire arch. Strategically placed implants can hold a full dental prosthetic similar to a denture in place and fit more securely.

Traditional dentures fit over the gums, while implant dentures are attached to small posts that fuse with the jawbone to create a strong foundation. They do not need to be removed at night and can restore the ability to eat, drink, and speak normally.

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Our Approach to Your Care

Using 3D imaging technology, Dr. Ryan Clagett is able to precisely place four implants that will be used to hold the implant dentures securely in the mouth. Then, the custom-made implant denture snaps into place, leaving you with a fully functional smile that replaces all of your missing or damaged teeth. Implant dentures do not slip out of place and give you the ability to eat all of your favorite foods without hesitation or discomfort. In addition, the implants help to stimulate the tissue and bone to prevent resorption and maintain a strong foundation so that you can feel more confident in your smile.

Create a Stronger Smile with Implant Dentures

Get a smile you love without the hassle of having to insert and remove dentures each day. Learn more about how implant dentures can give you a strong, natural-looking smile that stays in place by booking a consultation with Dr. Ryan Clagett at Clagett Periodontics today.

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With extensive training and board certification in implant dentistry, Dr. Ryan Clagett is able to tailor treatment to your needs. He uses imaging and comprehensive examinations to ensure you are a good candidate for implant dentures, then walks you through each step of the process so you know exactly what to expect. He utilizes high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technology on the market to place implants in the most precise location possible for optimal results and follows up with you to promote a healthy recovery and lasting smile.

Benefits of Implant Dentures

If you’re considering replacing all of your teeth, implant dentures can restore your smile permanently and more efficiently than other options on the market. Patients visiting our Louisville practice who choose implant dentures will enjoy many benefits, such as:

Fewer dental implants are as necessary as trying to replace each individual tooth with an implant
They are permanent, functional, strong, secure, cost-effective, and natural in appearance
Patients can receive a beautiful new smile they can use to eat and talk in as little as one day
Pre-surgeries are not required, and there is no risk of teeth shifting or slipping during the day
They do not need to be removed at night and are easy to care for
They stimulate jawbone tissue, preserve facial structure, and enable improved self-esteem

Patients trust in Dr. Clagett because of his consistent care and unique interest in their oral health. This friendly, yet professional attitude is reflected throughout all aspects of Clagett Periodontics.

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Are Implant Dentures Right for You?

Before deciding which type of tooth-replacement system is recommended for you, be sure to visit Dr. Clagett in Louisville for an initial consultation. When you meet with him, he will perform a full oral evaluation, take any needed X-rays and images, talk to you about your general health history and your oral health history, and answer any questions you have regarding the procedure.

Dr. Clagett will also perform a screening in order to determine whether or not implant dentures are right for you. Patients will be considered good candidates for this tooth replacement option if they:

Are physically and mentally healthy
Have enough healthy jawbone in which to place the implants
Want to replace full arches of teeth or their current removable dentures with a permanent solution
Are non-smokers and do not use other tobacco products


After your initial consultation, Dr. Clagett will work with you to develop a treatment plan that will meet your needs and achieve your goals.

Cost of Implant Dentures

Every implant dentures treatment plan is customized; therefore, the cost of implant dentures will vary from patient to patient. Your final cost will be determined based on your specific needs and existing gum and jawbone condition.

While the implant dentures procedure typically does not require any pre-surgeries, if Dr. Clagett determines you need to have a sinus lift, bone graft, or gum graft to ready your mouth for your implants, your cost will be higher than that of someone who does not require any pre-surgeries.

When you meet with Dr. Clagett for your initial consultation, he will provide you with a cost estimate for your specific procedure.

Dr. Clagett did an incredible job with my implant. I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect, but he talked me through the entire procedure and was extremely patient with me when I had questions.


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Recovery After Implant Dentures

Patients who choose implant dentures may experience minor discomfort near their incisions for a few days after their procedure. However, pain medication is not required to control this discomfort, and instead, patients can use Tylenol or Ibuprofen or ice packs to decrease discomfort.

Be careful around your incision sites immediately after the placement of your implant dentures. Rinse your mouth with saltwater the night of your procedure and begin gently brushing your teeth the next day. Dr. Clagett recommends using a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean your new teeth while being gentle along your gumline.

Restore your smile with implant dentures. If you’re ready to find out more about your dental implant options in Kentucky, call Dr. Clagett at Clagett Periodontics in Louisville today at (270) 982-7377 to schedule your initial consultation.

Who Are We?

Clagett Periodontics strives to provide the latest best practices and advanced techniques for placing dental implants and treating periodontal disease while aligning care with each patient’s specific needs and goals in a relaxed, comfortable environment.

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What Problem Do We Solve for Our Patients?

Through implant dentistry and diverse gum treatments, we can replace missing teeth, stop the spread of gum disease, and create a healthier, stronger, natural-looking smile. Smile makeovers can correct imperfections and improve overall comfort and confidence.

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How We Solve These Problems for Our Patients

Dr. Clagett consults with each patient to understand their concerns and goals, then develops a customized treatment plan to achieve desired results. His extensive training in the field enables him to deliver innovative care.

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