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Clagett Periodontics uses a highly individualized approach to treating gum disease, offering patients a range of solutions. If non-surgical measures aren’t providing the right results, gum surgery may be the recommended way to resolve the problem.

Dr. Clagett brings years of experience to the care of Kentucky patients. A board-certified periodontist, he conducts gum surgery procedures for patients to address the discomfort, damage, and aesthetic conditions that gum disease can cause. His work includes both advanced laser gum surgery and traditional techniques, and he follows a conservative method of care that ensures patients receive the least invasive treatment possible.

Gum Disease and Gum Surgery

If you’ve been experiencing symptoms of gum disease, we encourage you to schedule a visit with our practice.

Typically, Kentucky patients who are diagnosed with gum disease will begin with a non-surgical gum disease treatment called scaling and root planing. With scaling and root planing, Dr. Clagett uses specialized techniques to clear away the disease-causing bacteria and to smooth out the surfaces of the tooth roots. In many cases, this approach can resolve the condition completely.

If you have scaling and root planing, Dr. Clagett will have you visit the practice in the months that follow so that he can assess your progress. Unfortunately, it is possible that your gums will not respond to scaling and root planing, and you may continue to experience symptoms related to the infection. In this case, he may recommend that you escalate treatment to gum surgery.

Dr. Clagett did an incredible job with my implant. I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect, but he talked me through the entire procedure and was extremely patient with me when I had questions.


Our Approach to Your Care

As a periodontist with advanced training and years in private practice, Dr. Clagett offers Kentucky patients a high degree of experience. However, what really sets his practice apart is the great environment for care that he and our team have created.

Guiding patients. We know that people often have anxiety about getting treatment, particularly if they need to have gum surgery. When you come in for a visit, we will take the time to talk with you about what you’re experiencing, to learn what your goals are, and to help you understand your options.

Serving as your partner. We’re not here to make people feel bad about having gum disease or to steamroll patients with our recommendations. Instead, we’re here to provide advice and effective care, and we’re going to do everything we can to give you a great experience that results in a better quality of life.

Healthcare hospitality. Should you require gum surgery, we will provide you with a professional and supportive experience. Safety and comfort are our priorities. During your procedure, we will offer a menu of items to help you relax and to pass the time, including massaging chairs, blankets, and headphones.

What to Expect With Gum Surgery

In some cases, treatment with gum surgery can take place in a single visit. Other Kentucky patients will return to our practice for multiple appointments so that we can eliminate the gum disease completely.

During your procedure, Dr. Clagett will numb your teeth to desensitize the area. While we can also provide sedation, most patients don’t require it. Dr. Clagett uses advanced techniques, technology, and skills that make gum surgery a very manageable and comfortable experience.

Dr. Clagett may perform your procedure in one of several ways, but surgeries generally fall into two categories: LANAP and traditional gum surgery.

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LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure)

With laser gum surgery, Dr. Clagett will use a specialized laser device to get rid of the bacteria that has developed beneath your gums, and that has attached to the surfaces of your teeth. Since the laser energy is tuned to target the bacteria and diseased tissue, treatment will only affect these features.

After removing the bacteria with laser gum surgery, Dr. Clagett will apply ultrasonic instruments to clean the teeth. He will also use techniques that will encourage tooth-supporting bone to regenerate.

Time and proper care should allow your gums to heal completely after the procedure. Dr. Clagett and our staff will provide you with post-treatment instructions, such as chewing only soft foods in the area of the gum surgery for a few weeks. Generally, we will advise our Kentucky patients to come in for a teeth cleaning every three months and to schedule a re-check with our office at one year so that we can track their progress.

Traditional Gum Surgery

LANAP is a highly effective approach to gum surgery, and so most patients will not require additional treatment to resolve their symptoms. However, in a few cases, Dr. Clagett may recommend traditional gum surgery over LANAP. He will usually suggest this option if the disease is in an isolated area and there aren’t other gum-related concerns that require treatment.

During the procedure, Dr. Clagett will:

  • Numb the area to ensure your comfort.
  • Surgically elevate the gums.
  • Clear away the infection.
  • Strengthen the teeth with replacement bone and growth factors.

Post-care instructions for traditional gum surgery are similar to LANAP: sticking to soft foods for a few weeks, returning for cleanings every three months, and planning a one-year recheck with our practice.

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What You Can Expect Following Gum Surgery

The patients we treat in Kentucky usually tell us that their teeth and bite feel stronger than before the procedure. They don’t have the discomfort and unwanted symptoms that they experienced when they were suffering from gum disease, and since they may have had these symptoms for months or even years, most of our patients have a great sense of relief after their treatment.

Just as importantly, clearing away the infection tends to give patients a feeling of confidence that they haven’t enjoyed for a long time. If you have been reluctant to share your smile, hiding your teeth when you laugh or avoiding certain foods because of the condition of your teeth, treatment with Dr. Clagett can provide a significant improvement in your daily life.

Find out your options with gum surgery. To schedule an appointment with our local Kentucky office, contact Clagett Periodontics online or by phone at (270) 982-7377.

Nervous about having surgery or just don’t want to remember any of it? We offer IV sedation for our patients. IV sedation is a safe, easy way to let you get the dental work you need while you sleep. Dr. Clagett has received extensive training on IV sedation, and we have the most up to date technology to ensure your health. For more complex medical cases, we also partner with a Certified Nurse Anesthetist, to help Dr. Clagett maintain your health while he performs your dental work.