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Gum disease is the most common autoimmune illness in the United States. In many cases, people who have gum disease are doing the right things to take care of their smile, but they are just more susceptible to problems because of their genetics, which means that they may need specialized care.

Even with these facts, people often don’t seek gum disease treatment until their infection reaches an advanced stage. Some are afraid that they might need an invasive procedure. Others are embarrassed about their symptoms. A few have seen doctors who shamed them for their oral health and don’t want another negative experience.

If any of these cases describes your situation, you’ve come to the right place for care. Dr. Clagett is a board-certified periodontist with years in practice treating Kentucky patients. Just as important as his training is his plainspoken, supportive, and no-blame style of care. If you’ve been suffering with the symptoms of gum disease, he’ll help you understand what’s happening, explain your options for solving the problem and make you healthier and more comfortable through gum disease treatment.

Dr. Clagett did an incredible job with my implant. I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect, but he talked me through the entire procedure and was extremely patient with me when I had questions.


Dr. Clagett’s Approach to Gum Disease

Gum disease is a bacterial infection that affects the tissue and bone around your teeth. As the infection worsens, you may experience a range of symptoms that include:

  • Bad breath.
  • Pus and oozing.
  • Spaces between your teeth.
  • Teeth that are loose or that fall out completely.

Your biology can affect how and where the infection takes place, and the way that the disease presents itself can be specific to a certain side of your mouth, section of your mouth, and individual tooth. For this reason, Dr. Clagett uses a personalized approach for treating his Kentucky patients. By spending a lot of time in consultation, performing a comprehensive examination, and using the latest in diagnostic tools and periodontal techniques, Dr. Clagett can eliminate gum disease in the least invasive way possible.

There is Hope

You could be feeling embarrassed about the status of your mouth. We understand. Many of our other gum disease patients have felt the same way. But when they came to our office, here’s what they found. Clagett Periodontics wasn’t here to shame them or belittle them.

Dr. Clagett is here to solve your gum disease in Kentucky and to treat your gum disease. He is here to find the recommended solution for you so that you can get the natural smile you want.

We have helped thousands of patients.

We can help you too.

Patients trust in Dr. Clagett because of his consistent care and unique interest in their oral health. This friendly, yet professional attitude is reflected throughout all aspects of Clagett Periodontics.

What to Expect in Your Consultation

Start by scheduling an appointment with our practice. When you come for your visit, we’ll show you around the office and introduce you to the people who will be providing your care. Then, you’ll meet with Dr. Clagett to discuss your symptoms, to ask questions, and to talk about any concerns you may have. During your appointment:

  • Dr. Clagett will assess the severity of your symptoms, including the damage your gums, teeth, and supporting bone may have sustained.
  • You and Dr. Clagett will talk about your priorities with gum disease treatment. For most of our Kentucky patients, this means eliminating the infection, so that gum disease doesn’t cause their teeth to fall out. Knowing your goals will allow Dr. Clagett to align his approach with your needs.
  • Dr. Clagett will explore some of the potential causes of your condition. Gum disease is linked to a few different health issues, such as heart disease, diabetes, and hormonal imbalance. Getting to the root of these problems sometimes helps patients discover underlying medical problems.

Dr. Clagett will review your options for treating gum disease and discuss the advantages of each. One of his goals is for patients to choose their care with confidence, and so he will encourage you to ask questions about any aspect of your consultation.

Gum Disease Treatment Options

Dr. Clagett is highly trained in both non-surgical and surgical gum disease treatments. During your consultation, he will present you with the least invasive approach that is most likely to resolve your gum disease. Solutions for our Kentucky patients generally fall into two categories: scaling / root planing and surgery. Regardless of the option you choose, Dr. Clagett is dedicated to your comfort and safety to give you a quality experience.

Scaling and Root Planing

When gum disease progresses beyond a certain stage, brushing, flossing, and even regular dental cleanings are not capable of reaching all of the disease-causing bacteria. Scaling and root planing is a non-surgical gum disease treatment that can get to the bacteria that has developed beneath the gums.

During the scaling and root planing procedure:

  • Dr. Clagett will numb the teeth on one side of your mouth. Typically, he will reserve the other side for gum disease treatment in a second appointment.
  • He will use specialized tools to clear away the disease-causing bacteria.
  • Dr. Clagett will smooth the root surfaces of the teeth to prevent infection in the future.

The procedure will generally last one hour, and most of our Kentucky patients are able to go right back to work afterwards. (The recovery is similar to what you can expect after a tooth filling.) Three months following the procedure, you’ll return to our office where Dr. Clagett can check your results and determine if you will benefit from further gum disease treatment.


Our practice website includes a more detailed explanation of surgery for gum disease. Some of the highlights of this gum disease treatment option follow.

  • While patients may present different levels of complexity, the surgery is generally so mild that people don’t require sedation.
  • Dr. Clagett typically uses laser technology to remove bacteria from beneath the gums, but in some rare cases, patients will benefit from traditional surgical techniques.
  • As a result of gum disease treatment, most of our Kentucky patients say that their teeth feel stronger and healthier than before.

After surgery to treat gum disease, Dr. Clagett will generally recommend that you follow a soft diet and avoid chewing in the affected area for a few weeks. You will return for teeth cleaning every three months and come back for reevaluation one year following the procedure.

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One Step to a Better Quality of Life

Living with the symptoms of gum disease is almost certainly more uncomfortable than any gum disease treatment Dr. Clagett will provide. His gentle technique means that you can get the care you need — and protect your smile for years to come — without pain or worry.

As you consider your options, we encourage you to get in touch with Clagett Periodontics. Ask questions, talk to us about our work, and come to see us to learn more. We look forward to helping you feel better and smile more confidently.

If you’ve experienced damage to your teeth and underlying bone, hygienic problems, or aesthetic concerns related to gum disease, we encourage you to schedule an appointment. Contact Clagett Periodontics online or by phone in Kentucky for a gum disease treatment consultation at (270) 982-7377.

Nervous about having surgery or just don’t want to remember any of it? We offer IV sedation for our patients. IV sedation is a safe, easy way to let you get the dental work you need while you sleep. Dr. Clagett has received extensive training on IV sedation, and we have the most up to date technology to ensure your health. For more complex medical cases, we also partner with a Certified Nurse Anesthetist, to help Dr. Clagett maintain your health while he performs your dental work.