Post-Treatment Instructions

These instructions are applicable to surgical procedures that have been performed by Clagett Periodontics in Elizabethtown, KY. They are specially designed to help maximize healing, minimize post-surgical pain and discomfort. Additionally, these instructions will help you understand if there is a situation where you may need to seek special medical attention.

  • Avoid brushing and eating on the surgical area for at least 1 month unless otherwise instructed. Take all medicines as directed.
  • When antibiotics are prescribed, please finish all pills in order to prevent re-infection.
  • If a Medrol Dose Pack is prescribed, take all of day 1 pills the first day (independent of time prescribed), then follow directtions on pack.
  • Apply ice to outside of surgical area with minimal pressure for 20 minutes per hour for first day, then periodically for next 2-3 days. If you provide at least 30 minutes between ice applications, you may ice the area as often as you like to prevent pain and swelling.
  • If ProVantage AO gel therapy is dispensed, apply the gel 5 times per day for the first 2 weeks then 2 times per day for daily maintenance.
  • Do not use any over the counter rinses unless otherwise directed.
  • Please limit your activity for 2-3 days following surgery. If you feel a pulse in the surgical area during your activity, it is a sign that you are over-exerting and you need to minimize your activity.
  • Lastly, some swelling, discomfort and minimal bleeding can be expected. Extreme pain, golf ball-like swelling, pus drainage or profound bleeding is abnormal and you need to contact Dr. Clagett immediately.

You may reach Dr. Clagett at the office during normal business hours 270-982-7377.

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