Mature Woman SmilingEvery morning, Dr. Clagett looks forward to working with and serving patients in his Kentucky office because he knows he can help them get their smile back. In particular with dental implants placement, Dr. Clagett and his team are able to help give their patients their lives back by restoring their self-confidence and helping them find the freedom, and excitement even, to smile again! How rewarding and exciting, for both the team at Clagett Periodontics and you – his dental implants patient!

While dental implants do give his Kentucky patients a beautiful new smile that they can be proud of, as a board-certified periodontal specialist and expert in dental implantology, Dr. Clagett knows how important implants are to the overall health of his patients – information he makes sure to share during every consultation he has.

Because he believes that every patient has the right to be fully educated on any possible dental treatment they may need, we’re here to share a little bit about how dental implants can improve your overall oral health, so keep reading!

1. Protects Bone Density and Jaw Shape

Many people don’t realize that when they lose a tooth or have a tooth extracted, the empty socket left behind can lead to bigger problems in the future. You see, in order for your jawbone to maintain its shape, it needs the stimulation of tooth roots. So, whether you have one missing tooth or several, the jawbone in the areas where you have no teeth will begin to weaken and deteriorate. A weakened jawbone can cause your remaining teeth to become loose or fall out, and the shape of your jawbone could even change.

In order to maintain the health and structure of your jawbone, it’s important that you visit Dr. Clagett in his Kentucky office as soon as you notice you have a loose tooth so he can discuss your dental implants options and work to preserve your jawbone.

2. Reduced Risk of Cavities

If you’ve recently lost a tooth or multiple teeth, you don’t want to delay in getting in to see Dr. Clagett ASAP so he can check out the rest of your mouth and come up with a plan to preserve your remaining teeth. When it comes to overall oral health, preventing cavities is one of the most important things you can do.

Don’t be mistaken in thinking the open space left by your missing tooth means you can’t get cavities on the adjacent teeth. Actually, bacteria don’t need small, tight spaces to grow, and it can still settle on the teeth surrounding the space where you once had a tooth. And bacteria is exactly what causes cavities!

Call Dr. Clagett today to schedule an initial consultation for dental implants to get you on the road to a cavity-free mouth!

3. Improves Periodontal Health

If you have loose or missing teeth as a result of periodontal disease, you’re more likely to experience this problem again in the future. When you have missing teeth, the empty spaces that are left behind can not only lead to cavities as we mentioned above, but it can also lead to bacterial infections within the gums.

A gum infection isn’t something you want to mess with. Once it has settled into the gums, it can more easily transfer to the bone, and even throughout your body. So, if you’re missing teeth, or you have loose teeth, don’t wait to come in and see Dr. Clagett so he can make sure you stay healthy!

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Dr. Clagett and his great team of professionals are caring, dedicated and comprised of the expertise that’s needed to handle the various aspects of dental care you may have.

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