Mature Man GardeningWith the rapid improvements in dental technologies, Kentucky patients have more options than ever before to replace missing teeth – even an entire arch of missing teeth. At Clagett Periodontics, Dr. Clagett can use special techniques to insert a limited number of dental implants to secure Teeth-In-A-Day and replace a full arch of missing teeth.

What Are Teeth-In-A-Day?

Teeth-In-A-Day are just what they imply – a brand new set of pearly whites in just one day! The beauty of this quick tooth restoration option is that it requires as few as four dental implants to secure an entire arch full of teeth. By using a small number of dental implants, Dr. Clagett is able to strategically place them into parts of the jawbone that are strong and dense. So, there is no need for bone grafting, and it allows the entire tooth restoration procedure to be more efficient and affordable.

When you come in for your initial consultation to Dr. Clagett’s Kentucky office, he will advise you about Teeth-In-A-Day approach for your needs based on your health history and desired outcomes.

The Teeth-In-A-Day Process

For Kentucky patients who need to replace an entire arch of missing teeth, Dr. Clagett can take several different approaches, including the use of:

  • Removable dentures that snap into the dental implants
  • Hybrid dentures that are fixed in place with implants
  • Individual dental implants that replace teeth with new crowns

With each of these types of Teeth-In-A-Day techniques, the use of dental implants will provide stimulation for your jawbone to keep it strong and maintain its structure. Additionally, Dr. Clagett can attach a set of dentures the same day your implants are placed with any of these approaches. This keeps your new teeth from shifting while you eat and speak.

When you come in for your Teeth-In-A-Day procedure, Dr. Clagett will remove any existing teeth that need to be extracted, place the implants into your healthy jawbone, and will then attach temporary dentures. When you leave Clagett Periodontics you’ll have a new, complete smile! Within 3-4 months, after your mouth has healed and your dental implants have securely bonded to your jawbone, your restorative dentist will replace your temporary dentures with a permanent, final set of teeth!

Teeth-In-A-Day at Clagett Periodontics in Kentucky

Dr. Clagett believes that utilizing the latest techniques and technologies is vital to the success of every surgery he performs. That’s why he uses guided 3D imaging during every Teeth-In-A-Day procedure. Before your surgery, Dr. Clagett will even practice the procedure in a computer simulation based on scans of your specific mouth so he can be incredibly accurate during his treatment and placement of your Teeth-In-A-Day implants.

In addition to guided 3D imaging, Dr. Clagett also uses X-Guide technology, a system that provides GPS-like navigation during Teeth-In-A-Day implant surgery. This new technology gives him the ability to see the specific features of the underlying bone allowing him to place dental implants in the most precise way.

If you want to restore a full dental arch – or you just want a better-looking smile and are exploring treatment – Dr. Clagett and his team welcome you to visit them! Just call them at (270) 982-7377 to book your initial consultation at their Kentucky office and to learn more about the Teeth-In-A-Day dental implants option.