Types of Dental Implants?

If you’re in need of tooth replacement, you may have heard about dental implants. This system is the best tooth replacement option on the market today, and because it offers full oral restoration and an aesthetically pleasing smile, dental implants have changed the lives of so many Kentucky men and women....
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Can a Periodontist Place Dental Implants?

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When Kentucky residents begin to consider dental implants for their loose or missing teeth, they’re often left wondering who the best oral health care professional would be for this type of procedure. Many dental professionals can place dental implants, but the truth is, you’re going to want to find someone who has years of experience performing this procedure.
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How to Choose the Right Periodontist and Why It Matters

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We all know how stressful it can be to try to find the perfect doctor—of any kind. Especially if you’re new to Kentucky, and you have to start all over with an entirely new healthcare team, or if you suddenly find yourself in need of an oral health care crisis and you need specialized gum treatment or dental implants quickly.
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What Are the Advantages of Dental Implants?

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If you’re a Kentucky resident with loose or missing teeth, chances are you’ve heard about dental implants. After all, dental implants have gained quite a reputation in recent years. Whether you have one missing tooth, a few missing teeth, or you need to have an entire mouthful of teeth replaced, dental implants can fully restore your oral function and your smile.
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Gum Surgery: What to Expect

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At Clagett Periodontics in Kentucky, board-certified periodontist Dr. Clagett offers a highly individualized approach to treating gum disease for his patients. If your gum disease isn’t responding to the non-surgical option available, you may need gum surgery.
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How Do I Know if I am a Good Candidate for Dental Implants

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When loose teeth or tooth loss occurs, Dr. Clagett can solve your concern with dental implants—the best tooth replacement system on the market. And while you may be more comfortable thinking about the tooth replacement options of the past, such as traditional dentures or bridges, dental implants can truly provide full oral restoration for Kentucky men and women, and give you an aesthetically pleasing smile, too.
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What Conditions Does a Periodontist Treat?

While everyone in Kentucky knows what a dentist does, and may even know what an oral surgeon does, many may not be familiar with the term periodontist or the conditions treated by this professional. As a periodontist, Dr. Clagett wants you to be informed about how he can help you when you encounter certain oral health conditions, so keep reading....
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Types of Gum Surgery

Patient Discussing Gum Surgery With Periodontist
Gums that cause pain or discomfort in any way can really put a damper on the daily activities you’d normally enjoy. Simply eating or drinking can become unbearable. But there’s good news! If you are suffering from any type of problems with your gums, Dr. Clagett can help.
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What Are Dental Implants?

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Dental implants are the latest tooth replacement system available to men and women in Kentucky who have loose or missing teeth. Instead of being forced to choose between temporary, fragile tooth replacement options like dentures and bridges, patients are able to regain oral function and restore their smiles when they choose dental implants with Dr. Clagett of Clagett Periodontics.
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